Professional Presentation Coach

If you want really great ideas I can help make that happen. If you want a handcrafted speech I can make that happen. If you want pointers on your speaking tone, inflection and even body language, I can help you there too. I’m a communications savant…   If budget is a big concern – I’m the wrong guy to call. If you want amazing provocative ideas and an audience that wonders what the hell got into you since the last preso… call me. two 48-648-166 nine. Dan. If time allows I’ve a world class award winning blow your mind pastor who can join us. Between the two of us we can be the change you seek. Presentation Coaching Fees Start at $3,000 for 10 hours of my service. Hours beyond those initial 10 are paid in advance in 2 hour increments.

My Presentation Experience: I’ve sold stock trading software in large arenas all over the USA for TD Ameritrade sandwiched between a veritable who’s who of presenters; Colin Powell, Lou Holtz, Bill Clinton, Rudy Giuliani and more. Having presented as a game show host for over 15 years and as an award winning dj at over 1300 events over 27 years I’ve learned a few things. I’ve also toured on a national dj tour helping inspire deejays around the country, mostly helping them to see their value at an event. In addition I’m an executive coach working with companies to help them simply put – get along better to make more money.

I look forward to helping you crush the blindspots, purge the propriety and own the stage but all the while keeping you true to who you are. Because, we can’t be who we’re not and an audience can smell a fraud from across the room.

Dan Nichols