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There are “entertainers” that do game shows & then there are professional emcees that know how to work a crowd and engage contestants. Which do you want? Your final answer will make or break your game show event.

Full Monty

Here you hire us to do the entire show. Audio, Video, ProGameSoftware & a World Class Game Show Emcee. We can even arrange for staging & screen curtains depending on the budget.

Gameshow Props/Set

Though many clients hire us to emcee the show as well, we can simply supply the game show set and/or professional (not powerpoint) game show software.

Custom Show/Creative

A game show is fun but only when the fun is intentionally designed into the show. We can help you on an “hourly” basis improve your odds at a fun show or training event.

Home Parties

Though we have the “big guns” for corporate events, we get considerable demand for a simplified home party version. It’s the same fun just scaled back a bit for size & budget. See…

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About Us

The Game Show Guy has worked live corporate events nationwide and into Canada for many Fortune 100 companies, major sports teams and even small company get togethers. We’ve learned from our experiences and are really clear on what we can and can’t do.

What We Do

When someone asks what we do, it’s simple — we make run of the mill events fun by engaging the audience and creating a welcoming interactive experience. Whether you’re looking to deliver important corporate information, just have fun or a bit of both — we can help. In all candor, what looks like a great show on paper drummed up by a holiday party committee or the hr team or the ceo may go over like a lead balloon come game day. A good game show has good writers and planning behind the scenes.
If you’re going to do something that’s supposed to be fun – do it right. Often Game Show Guy is contracted to do really high profile events that will keep the top brass looking good. In fact fairly often we’ve worked events wherein we co-host with executives to be sure they shine and get through an event as the “main” host. It’s really not something just anyone can do. It takes the right person to host a show and keep the “show” itself in a sphere of respect. We also know a great host knows exactly how far to push the often lively banter between host and contestant without being too off color.
Because our main host, Dan, has experience in every field from automotive to tech and nutrition and even finance and real estate it makes for a well rounded, come from any angle opportunity. You’re working with a team that can quickly grasp who you are in your industry. It’s not a 20 year old with a couple speakers and carpeted buzzer boxes. It’s a polished show that will have you shine. The host (Dan Nichols) always knows it’s about the contestants, not himself.

0ur Team

Dan Nichols

Dan Nichols


Dan Nichols has 2 career passions. One is helping people transform their businesses into concerns that work for them as a business coach and marketing creative. The other is entertaining groups as a game show host and dj. In addition he’s toured nationally as a professional business speaker with Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Lou Holtz, Laura Bush and many more. He loves business but he needs his entertainment fix.
Steve Barteld

Steve Barteld

Game Programmer

Beside being an avid sports fan and dad of 2 young daughters, Steve is a trained programmer that makes the backend of a great show look fairly simple. He is one of 11 kids and has lived all over the state of Michigan including the upper peninsula.
Robin Naas

Robin Naas

Super Assistant

Robin manages many tasks behind the scenes. Sometimes she even fills in on game day running the board. She’s a mother of one groovy little girl, an EMU grad and a silversmith.

0ur Clients

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Thoughts For a Great Show

It would be great to think we can just show up and deliver but the truth is we want to know about you and your company culture. It makes it all better. Kind of like researching a candidate before you meet them for an interview. Homework makes the big day look easy and fairly seamless (remember, it’s live). We’re passionate about always doing the right thing for our clients, even if it takes some elbow grease.

I love to do things with a little spark. Mundane sucks. Let’s create something cool, something memorable, something you can be proud to have been a part of.


I’m no different than most of the clients I choose to work with. I have a strong belief in the value one should provide a client. I pour myself into projects because honestly and candidly I’m not inexpensive and because I don’t know how to do “mediocre”. I’m not a kid with a couple buzzer boxes. I’m a guy that knows how to use his decades of experience to deliver a great end product. It’s why I see what I do as an investment. So pricing ranges from $2695 for a simple “just for fun” local show to some I’ve done for over $10,000 with special consulting and programming, travel etc. Typically most quotes are for a one hour Family Feud or Jeopardy Style Game Show. Factors I take into consideration in pricing include; travel, the client and how we’ll be working together (more, less etc.), the event itself (what you want to achieve), personnel (will I be able to do it with one assistant or 2) and lastly presuming it’s a one day event – time.

We blend the strategic
with creative

The Game Show Guy has over a 2 decade track record helping to transform
the world’s great companies 
and the events they hold into livelier better versions of what came before.


Private & Group Events

Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole makes no sense to us. Let us create a game show around who you are. Like the ref emcee here.

Posted: 09.07.2017

Better Events Through Appropriate Planning

We find out who you are first. Then we work to figure out what you want from the event. Finally, through a number of conversations we map it out and deliver it on game day.

Posted: 09.28.2017

Measuring 3 Times to Cut Once

If all you want is a fun night of Family Feud or Jeopardy Style Gaming then we can do that. But if you’ve got a message or theme to deliver, maybe company training, we can do that too.

Posted: 01.07.2015


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